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A Real Party Animal: Meet the Capybara

One of the most unusual animals of the rainforest is the capybara. This furry creature can be found in the rainforest regions throughout South America and are the largest rodent in the world! This means it is related to mice, rats and even your pet guinea pig. A full-grown capybara can stand almost two feet high and almost four-and-a-half feet long.

Capybaras love the water and so make their homes near the lakes, streams and rivers of the rainforest. These animals are herbivores, which means they love to eat plants, leaves and grasses though they can be very picky eaters.

Capybara Rainforest Social Animals
You rarely will spot a capybara living alone — these animals love to be in large groups that can consist of 10 to 20 animals or even as many as 100. The more the merrier works for these very social animals.

Capybaras make chattering sounds when talking to each other — and you can imagine how loud it might be when many are gathered together.

Capybaras also have a strong sense of smell. This comes in handy as each of them has their own special scent that helps them recognize each other.

Can you think of other animals that like to gather in large groups?

Rainforest Kids Science curriculum connection: Unit 3: Chapter 5, Lesson 1, Grade 2; Unit 3: Chapter 5, Lesson 1, Grade 3; Unit 2: Chapter 2, Lesson 3, Grade 2

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