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Teaching K-5 science in the blended classroom on current topics while integrating rigorous new standards – in a hands-on, fun, differentiated way – is what Rainforest Journey from EdTechLens is all about.

The Rainforest Journey takes students on a trip to the rainforest with video, photos, informational text, formative assessments and much more – all while covering the life science content required by newer curriculums. A separate course is available for every grade from K-5.



Student Using Rainforest Journey in Classroom
  • Can be teacher-led or used to promote self-directed learning
  • More than science: can be used for literacy development
  • Supports differentiated learning
  • Designed to help develop critical thinking skills
  • Developmentally-appropriate for K-5 learners
  • Home access can be used to encourage parental involvement
FeaturesEdTechLens Programs
Lessons, activities, and assessment questions aligned to NGSS standards
Lessons reinforced with 3 types of engaging primary sources
Literacy support in lessons includes read-aloud audio and Lexile scores
Formative and summative assessments aligned to standards
NGSS-aligned hands-on activities connect concepts with concrete experiences
Teachers and administrators can monitor student and class progress in gradebook
Lesson text supported by vibrant photorealistic media
Easy-to-use interface developed for K-5 users
Flexibly-designed interface allows use with challenged as well as accelerated learners
No installation; runs on any internet-connected device

Opigno LMS 1.18.0
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