Jump into PBL! – Grade 3 Problem-Based Learning in Life Science


Each NGSS-aligned Jump Card set includes five problem-based learning activities for a single grade level. Students, with the help of peers and their teacher, design investigations to answer a big question. The activities help students gain practice and confidence with the PBL approach. They also provide opportunities for collaborative learning. The Jump Cards are coordinated with units in the Rainforest Journey program by EdTechLens but may also be used as a stand-alone product.

Jump Card Components
  • Individual student cards guide students through the activities. Each card poses a big question that students use as a jumping off point to create their own questions to be tested in small, collaborative groups. Students refer to the cards throughout the activity to help reinforce the PBL process for students.
  • Complete teacher support documents are provided for each activity. Specific suggestions are offered to help students to develop a test question, construct a test; draw conclusions, and show and share conclusions. Each teacher document relates the activity to relevant NGSS standards (DCIs, SEPs, and CCCs) and also suggests a connection to math and ELA standards.
  • Enriching the PBL Experience with EdTechLens Jump Cards (a supplemental document for teachers) is included.
  • Also included are links to an icon image for each activity that may be projected or printed out to provide a visual starting point for the activity.
What's Included:
To be shipped:

Five packs for five activities; each pack contains 30 student activity cards

To be downloaded:
  • Five teacher support documents (one per activity)
  • Teacher supplemental document
  • Five icon images (one per activity)
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