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"As a teacher, I found the program to be educationally effective when it comes to the topic of Life Science. Each lesson showed alignment with the standards, and the enrichment sections were a big plus for differentiation. The diagrams, photos, primary sources, etc. were extremely professional. . . . One of the biggest advantages of the program, in my opinion, is that it gets rid of the traditional textbook that some of my students dread. Rainforest Journey brought a level of excitement to science class that I rarely see in the classroom."

-J. Smith, 5th grade teacher, Little Falls Central School District

"I used Rainforest Journey with my 4th grade gifted class. At first, it took my students a little while to get into the program, but after they saw its potential, they would ask every day if we could do Rainforest Journey. My students loved the colorful pictures and videos. . . . Most to all of the content linked nicely with the Next Generation Science Standards. I highly recommend this program to teach life science and I will be using it again this year with my students."

-K. Borgman, 4th grade teacher; Carson City School District

"This technologically-based program provided opportunities for me as the instructor to incorporate balanced literacy with life science in an authentic and interesting manner. . . . At years’ end it was easy to pull out evidence which supported student learning that aligned with common core state standards. The program allowed the students to learn and use rich vocabulary while the activities provided many opportunities to practice and express critical thinking skills. I look forward to using the program next year."

-J. Norris, 4th grade teacher; Seattle Public School District

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