Rainforest Journey – Full Program

Individual Classrooms for School Classrooms (35 students; 1-year subscription)
Subscription Rate: $150

Individual Classroom for Home Users (1 student; 90-day subscription)
Subscription Rate: $20

Per-student rates for Individual Classrooms for Schools and Districts
Applicable after district licenses 4 or more classrooms at $150/each

Tier 1 (101-225 students)
Subscription Rate: $4.20 per student
Tier 2 (226-750 students)
Subscription Rate: $3.99 per student
Tier 3 (751-4000 students)
Subscription Rate: $3.75 per student

The full program is designed as a core curriculum life science program. It includes all lessons, primary sources content, 5E hands-on activities, formative and summative assessments, classroom management, and data analytics. See feature comparison for both versions here.

Rainforest Journey – Abridged Program

Site License for Schools (1 school, 1-year subscription)
Subscription Rate: $975

This is an Introductory Offer for 2018

The abridged program is designed as a supplemental life science program. It contains all Rainforest Journey lessons and primary sources content. See feature comparison for both versions here.

More on Rates and Discounts

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Special rates are available for certain NYS BOCES-affiliated schools. Please contact us for more information at if your district is a NYS BOCES member.

Retail Users: Inquire for Retail Pricing Chart

Optional Extras

NGSS-aligned Problem-based Learning Activities for K-5
To be used with program OR as a stand-alone physical product

5 packs for 5 activities; each pack contains 30 student activity cards for one grade level (K,1,2,3,4, or 5)
Detailed online teacher guides for each activity

Pricing by quantity: 1 - 4 $110.99/each | 5 - 14 $103.53/each
15 - 24 $96.51/each | 25+ $90.48/each

Mixed or same grade levels, order in Store; shipping is included

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