EdTechLens is developing a series of science curriculum programs to provide e-learning for kids in grades K-5 and quality learning resources for home users, teachers and administrators. Rainforest Journey is the first e-learning science program from EdTechLens and it is currently available. The Rainforest Journey program covers the life sciences component of the elementary school science curriculum and is
aligned with NGSS standards.

To take a Rainforest Journey click on the video below.

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Rainforest Journey is the first EdTechLens e-learning program for kids. It teaches the life sciences portion of the elementary school science curriculum. Two programs that cover the remainder of the science curriculum are currently in development. These e-learning programs will be part of a platform that includes multiple subject areas and special features and benefits for educators.

Our science e-learning program components include lessons, assessments, primary source materials, and hands-on activities. The unique design of the EdTechLens elementary school science programs supports and engages students with a wide range of learning styles.

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