• Young boy points to overview of the rainforest


    Rainforest Journey is a vibrant collection of text and multimedia about the rain forest created by EdTechLens. It is designed to teach standards-aligned life science curriculum to kindergarten through fifth grade students.

  • Many-Colored Bush Anole, Common Monkey Lizard(Polychrus marmoratus)Colombia
    © Thomas Marent

    Take a Look

    Rainforest Journey is a unique combination
    of curriculum-aligned content and interactive
    educational multimedia combined with live
    school visits.

  • boat in river

    Come Along

    Components of Rainforest Journey include an
    interactive password-protected website, a virtual
    or live school visit, and supplemental classroom
    materials. Any one or all of these may be used
    by schools and families.

  • Passion Flower(Passiflora vitifolia)Braulio Carillo N.P.  Costa Rica
    © Thomas Marent

    Here’s Why

    There are many edtech websites: how is the EdTechLens Rainforest Journey different? 
    We use edtech and project-based learning to engage learners with diverse learning styles.

Would you like your students to be drawn into the life sciences curriculum? Would you like to give them content that engages them and satisfies their natural curiosity about the world around them, all while providing standards-aligned curriculum and assessments? Take them on the Rainforest Journey!

Engaging Learning Through the EdTech Lens

This is the sample site for the Rainforest Journey website. The full website is under construction and will be available soon!