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About EdTechLens

EdTechLens creates engaging and standards-aligned science programs for students in grade K through 5. Our first program, Rainforest Journey, teaches life science through the lens of the rainforest.

Value Proposition for Educators and Students

  • Everything needed to fulfill requirements for teaching K-5 life science is contained in a cost-effective, online website.
  • Next Generation Science Standards alignment helps educators comply with the new science standards.
  • Lesson reading passages are a rich source of nonfiction reading, helping meet Common Core ELA requirements.
  • Differentiation is built in so the program can be effective for the entire range of the student population, including challenged, ELL, and accelerated learners.
  • Program appeals to older challenged learners because only photorealistic media, rather than juvenile media, is used.
Theme-based-learning Wide range of learners

Why Rainforest Journey is different from other K-5 digital science programs

  • High-quality, aesthetically-pleasing media dominates; video clips and slideshows are creatively done, usually paired with original music or sound effects. This combination is appealing to students and motivates learning.
  • Known engagement strategies used in program design include theme-based learning, abundant multimedia, and personal connection strategies that relate science concepts with real people.
  • EdTechLens programs are designed for the global village. A trip to another country to gather media and create a trip journal will be part of each program.
  • Rainforest Journey, Individual Classrooms version, has a unique combination of standards-aligned components. They include lessons, hands-on activities, assessments, teacher grade book, vocabulary, and three types of primary sources, including a journal from a real trip to the rainforest.

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About the real Rainforest Journey – this is where it started

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