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Day 1 - Entry 7

Even though it was night, it was not quiet in the forest! Many of the sounds were being made by katydids. We learned that katydids do not all look the same!
Katydid (Langostino) on leaf in Peruvian rainforest
Jeff and Phil are very good at seeing things that Steven and I would have missed. They saw this katydid shedding its skin. Its color is so similar to the leaves around it that it would be easy to miss!
I knew that many insects grow new skins. They emerge from the old skin, and it is left behind as a hard, dry shell. I have even seen those hard shells on the ground a few times before. However, it was pretty amazing to see an insect in the process of slowly separating itself from its own, old skin.
Katydid shedding it's skin in Peruvian rainforest
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