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Dr. Margaret Lowman "Canopy Meg"

Dr. Margaret Lowman, Canopy Meg

About Dr. Margaret Lowmen

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  • Type of Scientist: Biologist (studies living things)
  • Specialty: Canopy Research

    Some people call Dr. Lowman "Canopy Meg." Meg spends much of her time in treetops. Many plants and animals live there. She has found new and safe ways to explore treetops.

Dr. Margaret Lowmen Interview

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      What is canopy research, and why have you been involved in it for more than 30 years?

    Dr. Margaret Lowman: Canopy research is the study of treetops. It’s especially important to learn about life in the treetops because canopies are the interface between atmosphere and earth. Trees are homes for millions of creatures. More than half of all the land-dwelling organisms on our planet live in the canopies of trees.

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