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Tech Tools to Support the Home-School Connection

Mother and daughter use iPad together at home
There’s no shortage of apps, programs and websites you could use to ease the challenges of connecting with students’ families. In fact, the sheer number of options can become a hurdle in itself, as sorting through them and determining which will be effective can eat up a good bit of your valuable time.

Fortunately, Edutopia has done some of the work for you. Below is a list, excerpted from Edutopia’s Home-To-School Guide Tips, Tech Tools, and Strategies for Improving Family-to-School Communication, of tools that have already been road tested by teachers. offers a step-by-step tutorial on how to set up a school Facebook page.

PTA Great Idea Bank is a social-networking site where parents can exchange ideas.
Tools like Google SMS-Translate help educators reach out to non-English-speaking families who use mobile devices. View this YouTube video to see a simple demonstration.
eChalk allows districts and schools to customize web content and keep parents informed about everything from schedules to student work.
Edmodo offers secure social-networking spaces specifically for the classroom.
Individual schools can use Tapped In, a free communications hub for educators, to set up forums for teacher-parent discussions.
Survey tools like Poll Everywhere allow teachers to solicit responses and opinions from parents and help them feel more connected to the classroom.
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