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Teachers—parents too—often mistake Blended Learning for an approach that usurps the teacher to replace her with a digital learning tool.
“I was that teacher who would go to a workshop over the summer and get all fired up about adding lots of new techniques . . . ."
“If you’re presenting to a class of 3rd graders for 25 minutes, you’re not conveying 25 minutes of information,” says Mike Roberts.
Step one in integrating more student-centered learning into the elementary classroom is preparation in how to ask questions.
Students should be writing, reading, and communicating like scientists constantly.
In problem-based learning, the teacher is more effective serving as a facilitator rather than as a provider of solutions.
“We only think when confronted with a problem,” said American philosopher and educator John Dewey.
The brain loves to learn, but it doesn’t respond well to being fed information, according to Dr. Judy Willis.
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