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Citizen Science Projects for Kids at Home or School

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Citizen Science Projects for Kids at Home or School

Citizen science projects are a great way for kids to experience what it’s like to be a scientist and for teachers to illustrate the kinds of real-world problems scientific research can solve.
Whether you’re teaching a large class or your own children, the internet has all the information you need to incorporate a citizen science project into your lesson plans.

General Information About Citizen Science

A teacher toolkit developed by Project Mash and the Academy of Sciences

Article on how bringing citizen science projects into the classroom can help student curriculum objectives

Citizen science and how young student researchers become the eyes and ears of environmental scientists

 Projects for Kids at Home or School

SciStarter - Clearinghouse created by the Network for Citizen Science, where scientists post projects and educators can search them by topic

Volunteer March - Projects that kids can sign up for

SETI at Home - search for extraterrestrial life right from your computer

FoldIt - Help cure diseases by playing this game

Moon Zoo - Take part in studying the features of the moon

Eyewire - Play a game that helps scientists map neurons, no prior knowledge required

A Tumblr list of citizen science projects you can do at home, categorized by area of science

Early Algebra Research at Home - Kids ages 4 to 8 help researchers study a young child's understanding of algebra

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