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Some educators say what’s missing from the STEM curriculum is wonder, critique, inquiry, and innovation.
Resources for finding quality learning games and educational websites.
3D printing is moving into the classroom and the world in a number of ways of interest to educators and their students. Here are some recent articles.
Organizations that are working to save the rainforest and to help the environment in general, many of which offer teaching materials, projects kids ca
Summer is quickly approaching as school is winding down. It’s time to put your sun hat on and get your hands dirty. Stay busy all summer.
Read up on one of the great biomes of the world, the Rainforest. Edtechlens has gathered a list of books on the rainforest for children.
Digital resources are a great boon for teachers and homeschooling families, but finding and then sifting through them all to find high-quality resourc
Explore these science learning websites to enhance your study of Rainforest Journey or to explore new areas in science.
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