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Primary Sources for Teachers and Students

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Resources for Children

Links for historical primary resources:

Primary resources for all aspects of science:

K­-5 Collected Primary Sources, click on the source titles to view examples:­source­project­k­5­working­group/193/428/?batch _start=10

Reading level is advanced, but kids can easily find sources with the simple search tool:  

Resources for Teachers

Getting Kids Engaged with Primary Sources | Cool Tools, video on how to use digital vault:

The Library of Congress has a program that teaches educators how to use their digital primary source collections and online catalog to enhance their lessons. Classroom activities from the TPS journal are listed in the classroom activities section:

Search for primary sources and on the left hand side select which area of study you would like to search for, mostly science, but some history as well:

Smithsonian source, has some ideas for teaching American history with primary sources, but can apply concepts to science:

K-­5  educators  convened  by  ISKME as part  of the Primary Source Project. These educators  collaboratively create cross curricular lesson plans for grades K­5:

Subscription service for primary sources for grades K­12, core curriculum aligned:

A subscription database geared toward elementary schools libraries and kids:

Webinar on primary source classroom activities and places to get them, focus is on history but can be applied to science:

Example of sources in science and primary source sites to look at:

A list of primary sources in various science subjects:  

Classroom activities

Tutorial to learn how primary and secondary sources are different:

Create  your  own  interactive  primary  sources  lesson  activities,  focus  is  on  history  but  can  search for science related material by keyword. Additional resources for teachers on the bottom right corner:

Working  in  pairs  or  groups,  students  analyze  key  pages  from the  laboratory  notebook  of  Alexander Graham Bell to discover the elements of the scientific method:

The archives of The Teaching with Primary Sources  (TPS) journal has a number of activities  for elementary school. The journal is part of a larger program at the Library of Congress and has many resources for teachers:

Guided questions for students, teaching primary and secondary sources:

The  National  Archives  encourages  student  visits  and  participation  in  document­based  programs. National Archives resources for teachers can be found here:­visits/

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