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Read up on one of the great biomes of the world, the Rainforest.

Purchasing links are provided for convenience; you only need the title or ISBN information to find the books at a store or library. Books are listed below. The first is for all ages, and the rest are in order from Preschool through Middle School.


By Thomas Marent
For all ages
ISBN-10: 0756619408

Rainforest is a spectacular book with crisp photos of rainforest plants and animals from all over the world. Text supports the beautiful photographs with key facts. Thomas’s work is also featured in Rainforest Journey, our online life science K-5 curriculum.

Swing, Sloth!: Explore the Rain Forest

By Susan B. Neuman
For Grades PreK-K
ISBN-10: 1426315066

Swing, Sloth! journeys through the rainforest and points out all the magnificent things and creatures that live there. Sight words and picture icons aid growing readers.

Rain Forest Colors

By Janet Lawler, Tim Laman
For Grades PreK-1
ISBN-10: 1426317336

Rain Forest Colors introduces rainforest creatures by color. The photography and lyrical text will get children hooked.

Rain Forest Animals

By Sonja Newland
For Grades PreK-2
ISBN-10: 1622430557

Rain Forest Animals discusses the relationships between habitats, wildlife, food webs, and lifecycles. Thought provoking questions and quizzes help students learn to care for the environment.

All in a Rainforest Day

By Ellen Senisi, Thomas Marent
For Grades PreK-3
ISBN-13: 978-0991233700

A day in the rainforest from early waking to dusky night, told with simple text and the gorgeous photography of Thomas Marent and Ellen Senisi. All in a Rainforest Day is a component of the Rainforest Journey curriculum that teaches life sciences to elementary students. Younger children will enjoy this charming book as a read-aloud.

About the Rain Forest

By Heather Johanasen, Sindy McKay
For Grades PreK-3
ISBN-13: 978-1891327247

About the Rain Forest pairs fascinating facts of rainforest biodiversity with stunning photography.

Discover the Rain Forest

By Lisa Trumbauer
For Grades PreK-3
ISBN-13: 978-0736852586

Discover the Rain Forest defines what a rainforest is and describes what kinds of plants and animals can be found there.

A Walk in the Rainforest

By Kristin Joy Pratt-Serafini
For Grades K-3
ISBN-13: 9781878265531

A Walk in the Rainforest is a lovely illustrated book that uncovers the wonders of the rainforest in alphabetical order with intriguing facts about the habitat and daily life of the plants and animals that live there.

Tangled in the Rainforest

By Gerry Bailey, Leighton Noyes
For Grades K-3
ISBN-13: 9780778704386

Tangled in the Rainforest brings you on an adventure with Joe, the adventurous scientist on his mission to survive the geographical, climatic, and geological elements of the Rainforest. This exciting story will teach you how to apply science when enduring sticky situations.

A Rainforest Habitat

By Molly Aloian, Bobbie Kalman
For Grades K-3
ISBN-13: 978-0778729860

A Rainforest Habitat introduces kids to beautiful plant species and many kinds of fascinating animals that live in South American tropical rain forests.

Garden of the Spirit Bear: Life in the Great Northern Rainforest

By Dorothy Hinshaw Patent
Grades K-4
ISBN: 0618212590

Garden of the Spirit Bear: Life in the Great Northern Rainforest couples narrative and art with life sciences. Relationships between plants and animals, and cultural and environmental issues in temperate rainforests are beautifully illustrated. Efforts to preserve habitats and reduce the impact of human activities are suggested.

The Rainforest Grew All Around

By Susan K. Mitchell, illustrated by Connie McLennan
For Grades K-5
ISBN-13: 978-0977742387

The Rainforest Grew All Around evolved from the children’s song, “The Green Grass Grew All Around”. Amazon rainforest creatures and things come alive in this beautifully illustrated book.

Tropical Rainforests

By Seymour Simon
For Grades K-5
ISBN-13: 978-0061142536

Tropical Rainforests brings you to the habitats of unfamiliar flora and fauna with brilliant photographs.

Find Out about Rainforests: With 20 Projects and More Than 250 Pictures

By Jen Green
For Grades K-8
ISBN-13: 9781843227465

Find Out about Rainforests explores the emergent layer, investigates the noises of the rainforest canopy, and uncovers the mysterious secrets of plant and animal life. The book includes easy-to-do projects and amazing facts to inspire kids to learn more about the natural world.

Looking Closely in the Rain Forest

By Frank Serafini
Grades K-8
ISBN: 9781553375432

Looking Closely in the Rain Forest thoroughly examines plants and animals which allows for critical thinking skills to develop. Colorful photographs, questions and detailed answers and information drive concepts home for students.

Rain Forest: Climb Your Way to the Treetops with Rain-Forest Canopy Scientist Dr. Nalini Nadkarni

By Jinny Johnson
Grades K-8
ISBN: 0753459043

Rain Forest: Climb Your Way to the Treetops with Rain-Forest Canopy Scientist Dr Nalini Nadkarni studies different rainforests around the world, searching from the forest floor to the canopy. Dr. Nalini Nadkarni shares the methods she uses to obtain information about the organisms found in these habitats. The human rainforest inhabitants as also part of the story.

Living in a Rain Forest

By Allan Fowler
For Grades 1-2
ISBN-10: 0516270508

Living in a Rainforest describes the geography of Rainforests around the world and what life is like for the people who live there.

Rain Forest Food Chains

By Angela Royston
For Grades 1-3
ISBN-10: 1484605187

Rain Forest Food Chains explores what food chains and webs exist in rainforests all over the world, and why each plant and animal has an important role to play.

Smart Kids: Rainforest

By Roger Priddy
For Grades 1-4
ISBN-13: 978-0312517397

Smart Kids: Rainforest introduces kids to life in the rainforest with fun facts and great close-up photographs.

Life in the Rain Forest

By Sarah Levete
For Grades 1-4
ISBN-13: 978-0778778653

Life in the Rainforest identifies which plants and animals call the rainforest their home.

Rain Forest Plants

By Pamela J. Dell
For Grades 2-3
ISBN-10: 0736843248

Rain Forest Plants describes various plant species found in the rainforest, how they are used, why they are threatened, and how they are being protected.

Rumble in the Jungle

By Geronimo Stilton
For Grades 2-4
ISBN-10: 0545481937

Rumble in the Jungle takes you on an adventure: a hunt for rare treasure stolen from a native tribe deep in the Amazon jungle, and up close encounters with dangerous feats and exotic wildlife.

Rain Forest Explorer

By Rupert Matthews
For Grades 2-4
ISBN-10: 1465420088

Rain Forest Explorer follows an adventurous young explorer through the Amazon to her uncle’s research center. She tracks jaguars along the Rio Blanco river, joins tribal villagers for a feast after hunting, and discovers an ancient site.


By Sean Callery
Grades 2-5
ISBN: 9780753465769

Rainforest reveals the hidden wonders of the understory where some of Earth’s most unique and highly adaptive species reside. Dependence on each organism is defined, and food chains and networks between producers and consumers throughout the rainforest are represented with gorgeous photographs. Life cycles of plants and animals are also explained.


By Andrew Langley
Grades 4-7
ISBN: 9780753464304

Rainforest is a great resource for elementary classrooms. Learn everything about rainforests: the layers, where they are located, what makes them so special, what plants, animals, and humans live there, and how we can protect them. Websites, quotes, vocabulary, a glossary, an index, key fact lists, wildlife parks, tropical gardens, conservation groups, documentaries and movies along with main text, photographs and art makes this book a great reference source.

Deep in the Amazon: Rainforest Researchers

By James L. Castner
Grades 5-8
ISBN: 0761411291

Deep in the Amazon: Rainforest Researchers follows six scientists and their experiences of working and studying in this climate. You will learn what scientific processes researchers go through while learning about new kinds of wildlife. Captioned photographs, supportive text, a glossary, a list of additional books, websites, organizations, an index, travel information, and career titles are also included.


By Linda Aspen-Baxter
Grades 5-8
ISBN: 9781616906405

Rainforests vividly describes the climate, seasons, and life in rainforests. Maps show the geographic location of rainforests all over the world followed by descriptions of their ecosystems. The effects of climate change on rainforests are discussed, along with suggestions on how to protect them. Accounts from scientists who work in rainforests, simple experiments, graphic organizers, a glossary, and a question-and-answer challenge supplement the text.

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