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Shhh . . . Nature at Work!

Whether in the rainforest or in your background, nature is always hard at work.  All living things—that is organisms have what is called a life cycle. This means that the organisms are born or planted, grow, reproduce and then die.  As organisms grow and die, the earth can recycle its resources. Both living and nonliving things interact with each other to create new organisms.  Sometimes this process can be so slow and so quiet you would never hear or notice it. Other times, these processes can be violent and even destructive such as a thunder or windstorm.  But no matter the process, nature finds a way to regenerate, or grow again. In this video clip, Liam describes for us how nature uses decomposition to recycle and renew resources in the woods where he lives.

Something to Think About: After watching the video, think about what is in your own backyard, or a park or woods where you live. What might you find there that is an example of nature at work?

Look further: To learn more about the Life Cycle, visit Life Cycles: Plants and Animals; Nature Life Cycle; and Cycles of the Earth System

Liam Mahoney Nature Work EdTechLens K-5 Science Blog
Rainforest Kids Science curriculum connection: Unit 5: Chapter One, Lessons 1-3, Grades K-5

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