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Located right underneath the top layer of the rainforest, known as the emergent layer, is the layer known as the canopy. A canopy is.
The climate of the tropical rainforest is hot, often humid, and can be very wet. It is important then that plants and trees.
What do you think of when asked to name a dangerous animal living in the rainforest? How about a jaguar, a piraña fish.
Birds of the rainforest have very colorful feathers. Color is very important.
Although often thought of as insects, spiders are actually arachnids, which is Greek for the word "spider." This family also includes anima
To emerge from something or somewhere, means to move out or away, or even to come into view. Can you think of why then, the top-most layer.
Tropical rainforests have some of the largest rivers in the world. And not just rivers flow through the rainforest.
Like the many colored plants and animals that live in the rainforest, its rivers also have different colors.
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