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"Cool, It's a Flutterby!"

Can you imagine walking out your backdoor and seeing a butterfly with an eight-inch wingspan? You might, if you lived off the coast of Africa.

Comet Moth - Moon Moth - Argena Mitrrei  Rainforest Madagascar Thomas Marent
In scientist language, they are known as the Argena Mitrrei species. They live in the rainforests of eastern-central Madagascar. They are a protected species in Andasibe-Mantadia National Park. Their tails vary from short stubs to long streamers.

Young caterpillars eat tasty eucalyptus leaves. Then they spin cocoons that have a pretty cool ability: they can actually expel water. This prevents them from drowning, so they can become beautiful and healthy adult comet moths.

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ETL Rainforest Science curriculum connection: Unit 3-Chapter 1-Lesson 1

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