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Out in the Field with Rainforest Photographer Thomas Marent

Here is a riddle for you: what has two legs, two arms and carries approximately 60 pounds (27 kilograms) on the back?

Answer: A wildlife photographer like Thomas Marent!

So what exactly is Thomas carrying when he is getting ready to take pictures? How about two camera bodies, ten different lenses to help him see his subjects, and an assortment of flashes, cables and filters.

A typical day might see Thomas traveling by himself to a particular spot to take pictures. Sometimes, he will make his journeys with local guides. What is the most annoying part of taking pictures in the rainforest? According to Thomas, it is the humidity and the heat. Bugs too, are a constant problem. On any given day, Thomas must deal with mosquitoes, ticks, ants, chiggers and horseflies.

Rainforest Photographer Thomas Marent - EdTechLens
Thomas has had his share of excitement while taking pictures in the rainforest. Once he and his group got a bit too close to a group of elephants. Everyone ran! He has also come close to a tiger, but got safely away.

What makes his job the most worthwhile? When Thomas finds a rare species. Sometimes he can spend years searching for certain creatures and then one day, he will discover them. Those thrilling moments more than make up for the heat, humidity, and the insects he encounters on his amazing journeys.

Something to Think About: Would you like to be a wildlife photographer? Where would you go? What kinds of challenges would you face?

Rainforest Kids Science curriculum connection: Unit 3: Chapter 4, Lessons 1-2, Grades K-5

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