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Plants Get Hungry Too!

Rainforest plants are very picky. They need the perfect amount of sunlight, plenty of water, and steamy heat. Plants in the rainforest will not survive in a cold environment because they are not adapted to frost. All plants, but especially rainforest plants, are hungry for the sun’s light and warmth!

Rainforest Plants Sun Light Warmth Needs Ellen Senisi Photo
The sun plays a very important role in the rainforest. It gives plants the perfect amount of light they need to make their food. If rainforest plants got less sunlight, they would not survive. And if those plants died, the animals that eat these plants would also die. The whole system would be out of balance!

So the sun shines on, feeding the plants and keeping the rainforest ecosystem in balance. Hey, the sun keeps your ecosystem in balance wherever in the world you live. How do you use the sun in the place where you live? What would be different if there was suddenly a lot less sunlight in your corner of the world?

Boy picking dandelion puffs in big field
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ETL Rainforest Kids Science curriculum connection: Unit 1- Chapter 2- Lesson 2 All Grades/ Unit 1-Chapter 2- Lesson 3 Gr K/ Unit 1-Chapter 2-Lesson 4 Gr K+3
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