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Rainforest Pest Control: Nighthawk at Work

Any ecosystem needs to be balanced. A healthy ecosystem is one in which there are lots of different kinds of plants and animals. There are few threats from man and severe changes in weather or climate happen infrequently.

Every living thing (and non-living too!) in the rainforest has an important job to do to help keep the ecosystem strong and healthy. For the Nighthawk, it is to help control the insect population.

Rainforest Pest Control Nighthawks Birds
These medium-sized birds are active during the twilight hours; that is the hours of early morning or evening. During this time of day, nighthawks can be seen searching for their food. An average nighthawk diet can consist of up to 50 different kinds of insects. Their large eyes help them to find food in low-light conditions. To drink water, the birds glide quickly over the tops of lakes, rivers or streams.

Nighthawks help the rainforest ecosystem by helping keep the bug population down. Farmers in the rainforest appreciate the birds too because they help get rid of insect pests that can hurt crops or livestock.

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Rainforest Kids Science curriculum connection: Unit 3: Chapter 4, Lessons 1-2, Grades K-5

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