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They’re Coming Out of the Woodwork!

Cicadas U.S. North America Thomas Marent photo
Cicadas are seen in the rainforest year round, but they are now emerging in the northeastern United States. This year marks the 17th year that adult cicadas are ready to come up from the ground to experience life as an adult. They may very well be in your space right now.

If you live on Staten Island you’ve probably already seen their creepy skins lying on the floor. You will hear their nymph shells crunching beneath your feet. If you take the subway to school in Manhattan they’re probably riding on your shoulder. They might even be leaping about in your backpack. The New Jersey area has seen a few, but not enough to fret. They probably haven’t come out in upstate New York yet, but in time they will.

Once the ground temperature hits 64 degrees, you know they’re ready to find your favorite tree branch to chill on, and start their mating calls.

Have you seen them yet? Does the thought of insects taking over your space make you bug-eyed?

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