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Rainforest Science Activities

Rainforest Science Activities Arts Crafts Games Puzzles Resources Links
Rainforest Games  

Rainforest Alliance kids games and apps  

Rainforest adventure game  

Rainforest adventure game  

Hide and seek  

Camouflage game  

Matching monkeys  

Termite maze  

Tree frog game  

Chameleon colors  

Who’s howling?  

Crossword puzzle  

Reptiles and amphibians  

Make the plant grow

Animal classification  

Plant structures  

Living things  

Food chains  

Interactive ecotourism game  

Note: Some games need plugins or Silverlight  

Rainforest Arts and Crafts and Activities  

Rainforest Arts and Crafts  

Rainforest in a box  

Rainforest Habitat Diorama  

Animal origami  

Bee puppets  

Butterfly house  

Plant marker craft  

Bug finger puppets  

Butterfly pancakes  

Make a spider play set  

Repurposing Containers for Seed Starting  

Rainforest in Jar  

Toilet paper snake craft  

Rainforest crafts  

A rainforest in a shoebox  

How to make a rainforest for a science project  

Chameleon printable craft

Rainforest "tour guide" writing  

Exploring animal camouflage activities with Cat in the Hat  

Write your own story about the rainforest

Rainforest activities  

Rainforest worksheets  

Rainforest Science Fair Project ideas  

Fun rainforest experiments  

Rainforest science fair ideas  

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