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The Recipe for a Rainforest

Tropical rainforests are hot, humid, and it rains all year round. These rainforests are found along the equator. The equator is an imaginary line around the center of the earth. Sun rays hit the land and sea directly at the equator. That is what makes the earth so very hot here.

Temperatures reach up to 93°F and do not drop below 64°F. If you lived here, you would be sweating a lot. It’s like having only late spring and summer seasons. Wouldn’t you miss fresh snow and crisp autumn air? Cooler air is found far above and below the equator because sun rays hit the land at an angle instead of directly.

Mariana looks out over the rainforest where she lives in Peru. She is at the top of a lookout tower. Photographs of Mariana in the rainforest are used in some of the lessons in the Rainforest Journey website.
It rains more than 90 days a year with 4 inches of rain a month. If you got caught in one of these rainstorms you would get soaked!

Could you live in this type of climate?

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