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Simple Science Experiments

Elementary students working on science activity
Simple science experiments bring the learning home, and are also a lot of fun. Here are a variety of experiments to do with children. Sites with multiple experiments are at the end of the list. Happy experimenting!


Solve a marine mystery.

Grow bacteria at home or in the classroom.

Make cabbage juice turn different colors.

Experiment with many kinds of liquids.

3 Different Experiments: Make almost anything glow in the dark:

Make rock candy.

Experiment with oil and ice.

Make a bouncing shell-less egg.

Make a chocolate volcano.

Create a cloud and make it rain in a jar.

Make light bend.

Understand what makes bread rise by studying the properties of yeast.

Test a worm’s sense of smell.

Study light and color.

Use balloons to compare a solid, liquid, and gas.

Test the acidity of soil with baking soda and vinegar.

Demonstrate how fat keeps animals warm during the winter.

Make lightning two different ways.

Find out the perfect ratio of vinegar to baking soda to make the biggest fizz.

Blow up a balloon with baking soda.

Make water glow.

Zoom Science by PBS has an extensive list of science experiments for kids in 9 areas of study

Make soap sudsier than ever before.

Light a dollar bill on fire.

Walk on eggshells to see if they are strong enough to hold your weight.

Make a tea bag rocket.

Make oobleck move.

Microwave a bar of ivory soap and see what happens.

Construct a chain reaction with popsicle sticks.

Make a battery with potatoes.

Separate colors once they are already mixed.

Make your own lava lamp.

Keep water inside a spinning bucket of water.

Create a tornado in a bottle.

Experiment with carrots.

Dissect a cow’s eye.

Don’t let the water out of the plastic bag.

Make an optical illusion.

Experiment with food.

Experiment with water.

Kiwi Crate Blog has 10 easy science experiments for kids.

Study how water evaporates.

Momma’s Fun World has 3 egg science experiments.

Make a drinking cup that absorbs its contents.

101 Science has easy science experiments you can do at home or school.

Kidspot has a list of science experiments for kids aged 1-8 years old.

Fantastic Fun and Learning has a long list of weather science experiments.

What Do We Do All Day has ten science experiments you can do at home.

Explorable has an extensive list of Kids' Science Projects.

BuzzFeed has a list of 24 science experiments for kids that adults can enjoy too.

Science Bob has a list of science experiments you can do at home or school.

Science Kids has a great list of science experiments for kids.

Sci Fun has experiments you can do at home.

Science project ideas that explore energy.

A2Z Home’s Cool has science experiments for kids

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