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What to Do with One Desktop Computer and 25 Students

It’s not an ideal arrangement but if your access to technology is limited, here are some ways you can get the most out of a single desktop computer:

  • Use a Smartboard or other digital display to project the digital material you want to use with your students.
  • An Elmo or another document camera also allows projection onto a simple wall screen.
  • After modeling for students how to navigate the programs you want them to use, assign or let them sign up for times to use the programs during learning center time.
  • Group several students to work together collaboratively, using one computer to work on assigned digital programs.
Many teachers and administrators are finding that carts of Chromebooks that roll from one classroom to another are a good way to start bringing technology to a greater numbers of students. If your school does not have any of these, this could be a good time to lobby for them. 

If you do have access to a cart of tablets or a computer lab, teacher Mary Beth Hertz has some useful tips on how to best manage those logistics. Click here to read her article, Six Tips for Teachers: How to Maximize Shared Resources.
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