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Lesson 3: Canopy

Canopy flower (Jacaranda) in rainforest
There is a lot of sunlight in the canopy of the rainforest.
Here, the trees grow very tall. They have shiny green leaves. Some trees have colorful flowers too. Look at the pretty purple flowers!
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The jacaranda tree grows in the rainforest canopy. This one has purple flowers. Other ones have white flowers. The flowers of this tree smell very nice too. Birds, bugs, and animals come here. They all enjoy the beautiful tree. 
White-fronted Capuchin Monkey in trees in Columbian rainforest.
In some parts of the rainforest monkeys are everywhere! 
Monkeys love to play in the canopy. That is where they live. Monkeys don’t all look alike. They are all shapes, sizes, and colors.
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Some monkeys almost never leave the canopy. Their food and water is right there. Monkeys love to eat fruit and seeds from the trees. Some monkeys eat plants. Still others eat bugs. There is always something for the monkeys to eat up here.
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