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Slippery Salamanders

Salamanders live in the rainforest but you might also find them where you live. Salamanders live in temperate climates as well as tropical climates. Salamanders slowly search the forest floor for insects, worms and other small invertebrates. Invertebrates are animals who don’t have backbones.

Salamanders snuggle under leaves, mosses, rocks and logs. But their favorite places are near lakes and streams. Not all salamanders have lungs, so they breath through their grainy moist skin.

For protection, they lose their tail when attacked by their predator to escape. What’s cool about this, is that another grows back.

Slippery Salamanders Red Eft salamander
Did you notice the extra foot on the eft’s back leg? It might have lost part of its leg and grew another one. Wouldn’t it be cool if you were able to grow another limb after it was chopped off? It might hurt, but you wouldn’t have to worry about losing it forever.

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