Resources for Effective Integration of Ed Tech in Young Children’s Learning Environments

Child using a computer
In the May issue of EdTechLens’ newsletter, Lilla Dale McManis, Ph.D. discussed the misinformation that often swirls around the idea of using ed tech with young learners and the mistakes adults sometimes make in implementing it. (Click here to read the full article)
Below is a list of resources she recommends to learn more about the efficacy of ed tech: what the research shows, what educational organizations recommend and examples for how to integrate ed tech effectively into your curricula.
Finding Education in Educational Technology with Early Learners, an article by McManis and Susan Gunnewig summarizes dozens of studies of ed tech and includes an evaluation form educators can use to assess ed tech tools, including a full explanation for each question and examples. The tool can also serve as a framework for the bigger picture of how ed tech, in general, should be integrated into your classroom or school.
McManis says, “All teachers and parents who use ed tech with early learners would benefit from being familiar with the NAEYC and Fred Rogers joint position statement on using technology and media with young children.”  The landing page also includes links to examples of effective practice and to articles on technology that support early learning.
She also recommends The Technology in Early Childhood Center (TEC) from the Erikson Institute for “its wealth of authentic, practical guidance for teachers, teacher educators, and families.”
One of McManis’ “top must-visit sites,” The Joan Ganz Cooney Center shares research-based reports about media use presented with an eye toward best practices for teachers and parents.
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