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“Why should our students think that such different topics as ecosystems, motion, and weather are all ‘science,’"...
There’s no shortage of apps, programs and websites you could use to ease the challenges of connecting with students’ families.
The research shows what teachers already instinctively know: parents’ involvement...
By incorporating read-aloud science books into their daily curriculum, educators “can increase science vocabulary, lower the abstract nature of scienc
For educators unsure how they’ll find time to satisfy the demands of this year’s curriculum, Loriana Romano has some helpful advice...
Finding Education in Educational Technology, an article by McManis and Susan Gunnewig summarizes dozens of studies of ed tech and includes an evaluati
Lilla Dale McManis says it’s understandable that teachers of young children might resist the use of ed tech in their classrooms.
Some educators say what’s missing from the STEM curriculum is wonder, critique, inquiry, and innovation.
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