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How can one describe a White-Lipped Peccary? How about curé-buró which is Spanish for “pig-burro”? (Hint: take a look at its ears!)
What do you think of when you hear the word “parasite”? How about mosquitos, flies, fleas or even cowbirds? You might already know that parasites.
What happens to rainforest land that has been cleared but abandoned or forgotten? Well, in many cases, the land is reclaimed again by the trees.
One of the rainforest’s most majestic birds is the White Egret.
One of the more distinctive birds in the rainforest is the Black Skimmer.
When you think about the rainforest, you might not think about gold mining.
We are closing out 2014 with another post from Liam.
Whether in the rainforest or in your background, nature is always hard at work.
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