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The term vore is Latin for the phrase “one that eats.” Scientists use this root term in different ways when describing animals.
Explore these science learning websites to enhance your study of Rainforest Journey or to explore new areas in science.
Citizen science projects are a great way for kids to experience what it’s like to be a scientist and for teachers to illustrate.
Fourth-grade participants in NASA’s S’COOL (Students’ Cloud Observations On-Line) program have a little extra incentive to do their best work.
Of the many big cats that prowl the rainforests of the world, the jaguar is certainly one of the most majestic of animals.
Simple science experiments bring the learning home, and are also a lot of fun. Here are a variety of experiments to do with children.
It is not unusual to see several macaws gather together at clay licks where they will perch and eat clay along exposed river banks.
Arts and crafts activities combine fun and learning for all ages, including the adults.
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