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In Handle With Care: An Unusual Butterfly Journey, Loree Griffin Burns shares the amazing true tale of a farm that grows butterflies in greenhouses.
Every class of animals boasts their own "apex predator," an animal at or near the top of the food chain. When you think of these predators.
Abayomi, The Brazilian Puma tells the true story of an orphaned cub, and uses that story’s compelling narrative arc to create non-fiction.
Another glorious summer is nearly upon us. Longer days and fewer work responsibilities: it’s a great time to think about professional development.
Twisty, turning, curvy and climbing--those are just a few ways to describe vines that grow in the rainforest. But check this out.
Summer is quickly approaching as school is winding down. It’s time to put your sun hat on and get your hands dirty. Stay busy all summer.
The world of microbes has been an untapped subject for the five- to eight-year old set. You’ll realize what a shame that is when.
Why is reading as part of a school assignment any more valuable than reading to collect information about your favorite baseball players?
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