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Often referred to as the "jewels of the earth," the rainforests of Costa Rica are among the most magnificent in the world.
Here is a riddle for you: what has two legs, two arms and carries approximately 60 pounds (27 kilograms) on the back?
What does rainfall in an African rainforest have to do with weather in the Midwest? How can rainforests all over the world affect the global climate?
Every living creature needs someplace to live. The forests of the world are no different.
Quick! Is there a tropical rainforest in the United States? If you said Hawaii, you are correct.
As a young boy in Baden, Switzerland, wildlife photographer Thomas Marent discovered his love of nature.
These medium-sized birds are active during the twilight hours; that is the hours of early morning or evening.
Last week we talked a bit about how animals will have different ways of protecting themselves from danger.
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