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Picture yourself waking up in a lodge in the rainforest day after day.
Leaves have some big jobs to do in the life of a plant. One of the biggest is to soak in the water that helps keep the plant alive.
Tropical rainforests are hot, humid, and it rains all year round. These rainforests are found along the equator.
Deep in the rainforest, you might find these mysterious upside down bell-shaped plants. They are called pitcher plants.
An Eyelash Palm Pit Viper can be yellow, brown, red, or green. Some have color combinations or can be speckled.
Rainforest plants are very picky. They need the perfect amount of sunlight, plenty of water, and steamy heat.
The water cycle happens faster along the equator due to the intense sunlight. Here’s how it goes. 1) When hot air meets cold air condensation occurs.
Cicadas are seen in the rainforest year round, but they are now emerging in the northeastern United States.
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